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Ducati 848 Nicky Hayden Edition

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Ducati 848 Nicky Hayden Edition




Liquid cooled, four stroke, 90°“L”twin cylinder, DOHC, desmodromic 4 valve per cylinder.


Bore x Stroke 94 x 61.2mm
Compression Ratio 12.0:1


Marelli electronic fuel injection, elliptical throttle bodies
Exhaust Lightweight 2-1-2 system with catalytic converter and lambda probe. Twin stainless steel mufflers.

Ignition / Starting

- / electric

Max Power

134 hp 98.5 KW @ 10000rpm

Max Torque

70.8 lb-ft 96 Nm @ 8250rpm

Transmission / Drive

6 Speed / chain
Gear Ratio 1st 37/15, 2nd 30/17, 3rd 28/20, 4th 26/22, 5th 24/23, 6th 23/24
Clutch Wet multiplate with hydraulic control
Frame Tubular steel Trellis frame in ALS 450

Front Suspension

Showa 43mmfully adjustable upside-down fork, 127mm wheel travel.

Rear Suspension

Progressive linkage with fully adjustable Showa monoshock. Aluminium single-sided swingarm. 120mm wheel travel.

Front Brakes

2x 320mm disc 4 piston calipers

Rear Brakes

Single 245mm disc 2 piston caliper

Front Tyre

120/70 ZR17

Rear Tyre

180/55 ZR17
Seat Height 830 mm / 32.6 in


168 kg / 370 lbs

Fuel Capacity (res)

16 Litres (3L)

Ducati North America is proud to announce the 848 Nicky Hayden Edition. This striking livery places a distinctly American stamp on the market’s best middleweight sport bike. We are excited to unveil this model in conjunction with the Red Bull United States Grand Prix at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, as there is no better time to celebrate the American World Champion than at his home race on the 4th of July. This US-exclusive model features an American inspired paint scheme, aptly fit for its introduction on the 4th of July, personally autographed gas tank, and model updates for the 2010 year. MSRP is $14,495, and will be available July 7 at authorized Ducati dealers.

So light, but so powerful

The new Ducati 848 Nicky Hayden Edition enjoys all the performance advancements of the entire Superbike family, while adding its own innovations to redefine the middleweight sport bike class.

The words ‘agile’ and ‘refined’ aptly describe the 848. At 168kg (369lbs) the 848 is an amazing 20kg (44lbs) lighter than its predecessor, and a significant 5kg (11lbs) lighter than its larger capacity brother, the 1098.

The highly advanced 848 engine uses an improved method of engine case production in which cases are vacuum die-cast formed. While providing significant weight savings of more than 3kg (6.5lbs), this method also ensures consistent wall thickness and increased strength. Further refinements include a sophisticated wet clutch that offers 1kg (2.2lbs) less weight, a much higher service life, improved clutch feel and quiet operation.

With the first twist of the wrist, the powerful rush of the Testastretta Evoluzione engine confirms that the rules have changed. The 848’s 134hp is not only 30% more powerful than its predecessor, but it provides a power-to-weight ratio even better than the potent 999.

New for 2010:

Available immediately, the 848 Nicky Hayden Edition is the first of the 2010 Ducati 848 models to arrive in showrooms. For 2010, this model features several upgrades in addition to the special Hayden livery and full specifications listed below, including:

LED dash illumination for better visibility – particularly at night
Inclusion of a 30mm mirror extension kit, enabling a choice of two stem lengths for better vision
Aluminium cam belt tensioner pulleys to reduce weight and moving mass; in turn enabling better acceleration.


The 848 Testastretta Evoluzione engine becomes the benchmark for the middleweight sportsbike category, benefitting from all the experience accumulated with the larger engine on the 1198. It successfully adopts the same design guidelines and the same compact cylinder and cylinder head layout, but introduces for the first time ever an innovative solution for the crankcase, which has been designed with a further weight reduction for this advanced engine in mind. The overall layout of this engine integrates a series of avant-guard solutions, confirming the close links with the experience of Ducati’s racing department.

The 849cc engine has bore and stroke values of 94mm and 61.2mm respectively, which produce a ratio that is only slightly inferior to the 1098 (1.54 compared with 1.61), while maintaining the highly ‘over-square’ layout typical of racing engines.

Power output is an impressive 134hp (98.5kW) at 10,000 rpm and maximum torque is 71 lb/ft (96Nm) at 8250 rpm. The power and torque values confirm the high performance level of this engine, especially when compared to its predecessor, the Testastretta-engined 749.

The cylinder head has been modified in line with the characteristic bore and stroke of the engine in order to optimize the fluid dynamics of the intake (straight and plunging) and exhaust ducts and combustion chamber. The compression ratio is 12:1.

The valve angle is the same as the 1198 engine and diameter is 39.5mm for the inlet valve and 32mm for the exhaust. The technology used sees the application of a bi-metallic alloy that combines increased lightness with resistance and reliability required for these particular components. The desmodromic control system has also been designed with the weight and the inertia of the new components in mind, allowing extremely efficient valve lift during intake and exhaust phases. The excellent results achieved are confirmed by the engine’s power figures, producing outstanding performance thanks also to the use of MotoGP-derived elliptical throttle bodies, which have been fitted to the 1198 engine. The 2010 model year sees the addition of new lightweight cam belt tensioner pulleys; improving performance while shaving weight.

The design of a dedicated elliptical throttle body for the 848 demonstrates the attention that Borgo Panigale engineers have devoted to the development of the Superbike range. The cross-section is reduced from the 60 sq. mm of the 1098 to 56 sq. mm so as to optimize fluid dynamics at every engine speed. Just like on the 1098, the new cylinder heads benefit from fewer components and include magnesium covers.

This Testastretta Evoluzione engine sees the introduction of a special technology for the construction of the engine crankcase: Vacural casting. This is a forced vacuum die casting method that allows jet characteristics to be improved thanks to the absence of porosity, gas inclusion and oxidation. This allows extremely high measurement precision and greater ductility for aluminium alloy. Designers have been able to harness the benefits of this innovative process by redefining the shape and the wall thickness of the new crankcase by means of FEA (Finite Element Analysis) checks, which allowed the required reliability standards to be achieved, while simultaneously obtaining a significant weight saving of 3.5kg.

The 848 engine is fitted with a silent modular wet clutch, characterized by an exceptional resistance to wear that will lead to superior duration. This solution makes a useful contribution to weight saving, estimated to be around 1.6kg, which is also due to the use of a different type of clutch cover.

The high power figures achieved by this engine also come from the use of the same type of oil cooler and coolant radiator as the 1198’s engine, with an increased surface area assisted by lightweight, high flow electric fan assemblies.

Finally, the 848’s exhaust system follows the same layout and uses the same innovative technology as the 1198. The system terminates with Ducati’s trademark twin under-seat silencers, delivering the unmistakable signature sound of the big bore 90° L-Twin.
This power unit, just like all the other Ducati engines, has been designed to comply with Euro 3 exhaust emission norms.


Trellis frame

Developed in cooperation with Ducati Corse, the 848 Trellis frame has a simplified tube layout featuring main section tubes increased in diameter from 28mm to 34mm, while being reduced in thickness from 2mm to 1.5mm. The result is a 14% increase in rigidity and a weight saving of 1.5kg (3.3lbs).

Single-sided swingarm

The 848, as all the Superbike family, is equipped with a unique single-sided swingarm. The engineers were encouraged to re-think the construction technique of this element. The solution was to produce the main operational components using individual aluminium castings so as to ensure strength around the pivot points, wheel hub and suspension links, with fabricated aluminium sections used to complete the construction into a single, beautifully engineered component.

Rear suspension

Highlighting the way in which individual components are influenced by each other, the new lightweight Trellis frame and single-sided swingarm have enabled a more compact and further weight-saving rear suspension linkage system to be used featuring separate lower pick-up points for the push-rod and suspension unit. This ‘tandem’ design effectively reduces stress around the linkage pick-up area of the Trellis frame. Working together with this highly efficient linkage is a fully adjustable Showa single shock for the 848, the same as the 1198.

Front suspension

At the front the 848 is equipped with fully adjustable 43mm Showa forks with radial mounts. This type of front suspension is professionally track-tuned and offers superior road holding, delivers superior feedback, and helps every rider to be more confident and in control.


Brembo Monobloc calipers

The 848 brake system is characterized by M4 calipers using four 32mm pistons and two radial mounted pads. Matched to the calipers are two 320mm discs and the combination of these elements achieves spectacular braking power.

Super lightweight wheels

The 848 also benefits from lightweight Marchesini Y-shaped spoke wheels. The weight saving of 250gr achieved on the front wheel substantially reduces the moment of inertia and enhances the 848’s change of direction and braking performance. The rear wheel is just as impressive with a complete redesign for its single-sided swingarm application that has resulted in a reduction of over 1kg compared with traditional Ducati single-sided swingarm fitments. Finally a 5.50” wheel fitted with a 180/55 tyre guarantees the maximum agility at the rear.


Desmosedici-style digital instrumentation is taken from Ducati’s MotoGP GP9 project; and for 2010 now features LED backlighting for better visibility. This pure racing, minimalist solution has no switches or buttons to compromise its clean lines. Instead, information additional to the default read-outs is managed by handlebar-mounted switch gear, allowing the rider to scroll through and select from various menus. The default read-out presents rpm and speed, with the former displayed across the screen in a progressive bar graph. Optionally, the rpm and speed can be displayed in numeric values. The instrument display also doubles as a control panel for the activation of the data acquisition system as well as listing lap times recorded by using the high-beam flash button as a stopwatch.

With the purchase of the Ducati Data Analyser (DDA), which includes PC software, a USB-ready data retrieval card and instructions, owners are ready to review and analyse the performance of the bike and its rider, and make comparisons between various channels of information. The DDA is available from Ducati Performance.

Normally used on race bikes only, the system records numerous channels of data including throttle opening, vehicle speed, engine rpm, engine temperature, distance travelled, laps and lap times. The system also automatically calculates engine rpm and vehicle speed data so as to also display gear selection as an additional channel of information. At the end of a ride or track session, up to 2mb (approximately 3.5 hours) of data can be downloaded to your PC ready to compare, analyse and get an inside view of you and your 848’s performance.

Data can be analysed in graphic form with options to zoom into detail of specific sections. Dragging a trace along a timeline to reveal individual values of the above listed channels enables the user to analyse performance in the same way that data technicians are able to do in factory teams.

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Ducati 848 EVO Corsa Special Edition

Make Model Ducati 848 Evo Corsa Special Edition
Year 2012
Engine Liquid cooled, four stroke, 90°“L”twin cylinder, DOHC, desmodromic 4 valve per cylinder.
Capacity 848 Bore x Stroke 94 x 61.2mm Compression Ratio 13.2:1
Induction Marelli electronic fuel injection, elliptical throttle bodies Exhaust Lightweight 2-1-2 system with catalytic converter and 2 lambda probes. Twin stainless steel mufflers
Ignition / Starting - / electric
Max Power 140 hp 103 KW @ 10500 rpm
Max Torque 72.3 lb-ft 98 Nm @ 9750 rpm
Transmission / Drive 6 Speed / chain Gear Ratio 1st 37/15, 2nd 30/17, 3rd 28/20, 4th 26/22, 5th 24/23, 6th 23/24 Clutch Wet multiplate with hydraulic control Frame Tubular steel Trellis frame in ALS 450
Front Suspension Showa 43mmfully adjustable upside-down fork, 127mm wheel travel.
Rear Suspension
Front Brakes 2 x 320mm semi-floating discs, radially mounted Brembo Monobloc 4-piston callipers
Rear Brakes Single 245mm disc 2 piston caliper
Front Tyre 120/70 ZR17
Rear Tyre 180/55 ZR17 Seat Height 830 mm / 32.6 in
Dry-Weight 168 kg / 370 lb
Fuel Capacity (res) 15.5 Litres (3L) / 4.1 gal
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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Petrol price down by Rs 2 46

In the earlier post i have told about the probability of the cut in petrol price. The petrol price is down by Rs.2.46. Bangaloreans are the people who enjoyed the highest petrol cut. Some what happy for the riders like me.

This is the second time that the govt have decreased the petrol prices after the massive increase of Rs7.50.
In Delhi there would be no incremental reduction as the state govt have decreased local taxes on June 18th. But in other state the petrol price may be down by more than Rs.3.

News is out that the companies would no longer follow the fortnightly price revisions. This used to happen on 1st and 16th of every month. Everyday price revisions may start as the days follow.
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Monday, September 9, 2013

BMW Recalls 2008 2009 F650GS and F800GS Motorcycles for Drive Chain Problem

BMW is recalling certain model year 2008 and 2009 F650GS and F800GS motorcycles manufactured from September 27, 2007 through March 30, 2009.

The drive chains may not have been produced to specification. As a result, over time the drive chain could break.

The number of units affected has not been announced.

Check out my Motorcycle Recalls feature for more details.
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Friday, September 6, 2013

2011 Hyosung ST E3 Electric Scooter North America

2011 Hyosung ST E3 Electric Scooter2011 Hyosung ST E3 Electric Scooter North America

The Hyosung ST E3 was on affectation at the INTERMOT appearance in Cologne, Germany. The electric scooter will anon be accessible in North America. Hyosung will action an electric scooter as allotment of its 2011 North American artefact lineup. The Hyosung ST E3 runs on a proprietary lithium-polymer array that can be answerable in a domiciliary electrical aperture in three hours.

According to Hyosung, the ST E3 has a ambit of about 120 km (74.6 miles) on a distinct allegation while traveling at a connected acceleration of 35 km/h (21.7 mph). Maximum acceleration is estimated at 60 km/h (37.3 mph). Hyosung affairs to aftermath added electric models in the future.

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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

2012 Ducati bikes Review

Ducati isn’t just going to exploit Valentino Rossi’s legendary skills for its MotoGP race team, the company has also revealed that the nine time world champion will play a role in the development of its future road bikes.

Indirectly, technical advances will filter down from the prototype Desmosedici project, but Rossi will also have a direct hands-on input by testing new Ducati road bikes himself.

“The 2011 season opens a sort of third phase for our MotoGP project,” said Claudio Domenicali, General Director of Ducati Motor Holding. “The first was with Loris Capirossi, who in just six races took the Desmosedici to its first win. The second brought the world championship crown, thanks to Casey Stoner, in 2007.

2012 Ducati bikes
2012 Ducati bikes
2012 Ducati bikes

“The big news for 2011, which opens a third phase, is the arrival of Valentino Rossi on the team. It’s an important phase for our company, which relies a lot on research and development, and which uses the MotoGP series not only as a venue for winning, but also as a laboratory for advanced research.
2012 Ducati bikes
2012 Ducati bikes
“Valentino is universally recognized as a master at taking a bike to its limits, but also at providing feedback that’s extremely useful for development. We think this skill will give us a big push for improving our engineering, and to always give our fans the best bikes possible.
“Many of the models we’ve produced in recent years, starting with the 1198 - our flagship sport bike - but also bikes intended for less extreme application, boast technical characteristics that come directly from our experience in MotoGP, like traction control and aspects of electronic engine management.

2012 Ducati bikes
2012 Ducati bikes
2012 Ducati bikes
“This will happen even more with the new generation of sport bikes that we’re working on now, bikes in which this link will be even more direct, from electronic management strategies to the chassis to the motor.

“Filippos [Preziosi, head of Ducati Corse] work with both of our [MotoGP] riders will be even more evident, and we’re certain that the possibility of also having Valentino test our new models and give us his impressions will make this flow of technology even more effective.”

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Saturday, August 31, 2013

H O G Benelux Rally Fryslân 2011

                         H.O.G. Benelux Rally Fryslân 2011

De HOG Benelux Rally was dankzij de gastvrijheid van de gezellige Friezen, de prachtige omgeving, goede muziek en het stralende weer een ongekend succes! De organisatie van de H.O.G. Benelux Rally Fryslân was onder leiding van het H.O.G. Lakes Chapter van Harley-Davidson dealer H-D Point in Leeuwarden en die hadden alles perfect voor elkaar.

Al op donderdag kwamen vele Harley’s Friesland verkennen, vanaf vrijdagmiddag was de H.O.G. Benelux Rally officieel geopend en kwamen de Harley-Davidson’s massaal het terrein oprijden. Het bezoekersaantal van deze Fryslân H.O.G. Benelux Rally kwam zelfs uit op bijna 1400 inschrijvingen!

Op vrijdag kwam het net getrouwde stel John en Agnes aan op hun Harleys; de H.O.G. Benelux Rally Fryslân bleek de huwelijksreis te zijn; dát is pas een originele huwelijksreis! Felicitaties voor het stel wat nu eindelijk intiem mocht zijn..! 

Net getrouwd!
Nu mag het dan eindelijk...
Het Lakes Chapter van de H.O.G. Fryslân had alles tot in de puntjes geregeld en liet zien dat Friesland bijzonder gastvrij is. Oude tradities zoals de Alvestede oftewel Elfstedentocht (die door de leden van het H.O.G. Lakes Chapter Fryslân in een prachtige route voor de motoren was uitgezet)waren vooral voor de vele buitenlandse bezoekers een ‘must’ om te proberen, net als het eten van echt Fries Suikerbrood en het lopen op Friese klompen!

De band Edlims speelde op vrijdag
Zowel vrijdag als zaterdag was er op de H.O.G. Benelux Rally ’s middags al live muziek en veler favoriet was de PRB-Experience Rockband, bestaande uit drie enthousiaste jonge meiden die er op los speelden als waanzinnigen en te gek goede muziek maakten. De ene na de andere rockclassic werd door ze gespeeld en de meiden zetten een concert tijdens de H.O.G. Benelux Rally in Fryslân neer wat aan de beginjaren van rocklegende Joan Jett deed denken, echt genieten!

Drie meiden vormen de band PRB-Experience
 Geef Kracht! dat is het motto van een bijzondere samenwerking tussen Harley-Davidson rijders en de patiëntenvereniging VSN Spierziekten Nederland. ‘Gezonde spieren spannen zich in voor zieke spieren’ is de insteek van de Geef Kracht! campagne. De aftrap daarvoor werd dit weekeinde feestelijk gegeven tijdens de jaarlijkse Harley Owners Group (H.O.G) Rally van Harley-Davidson Benelux te Leeuwarden.

VSN & MDA werken samen met Harley-Davidson

Gezellig op de camping

Veel mooie toertochten door het Friese landschap

Camperen kon in een grote, gehuurde tent,
of in een luxe eigen tent, met gegarandeerd een droge heen- en terugreis,

of als een echte biker!


Zou ze écht naar mij lachen..?!?
Hapje eten...
Slokje drinken!

De zaterdag werd volop door iedereen benut om het mooie Fryslân te verkennen waarna eind van de middag het terrein ‘De Kleine Wielen’ waar de H.O.G. Benelux Rally plaatsvond weer volstroomde en gezamenlijk gegeten werd waarna de feestavond langzaam in de nacht overging. De bezoekers van de H.O.G. Benelux Rally Fryslân werden getrakteerd op vele goede livebands, met tussendoor een enorm vuurwerk wat door de Harley-Davidson dealer H-D Point werd aangeboden om hun tienjarig bestaan te vieren. Tot laat in de nacht werd er gefeest.

Zondagmorgen was het weer op tijd opstaan om traditiegetrouw de H.O.G. Benelux Rally Parade te rijden. Dreigende luchten weerhielden honderden Harley’s er niet van om gezamenlijk de Parade te rijden die de deelnemers aan de H.O.G. Benelux Rally Fryslân naar het centrum van Leeuwarden bracht.

Fryslan Boppe!
Onderweg barstte de regen los en iedereen reed bepakt en bezakt door een stromende regenbui toch door, want gezamenlijk zou er afscheid worden genomen van Dirk & Jane die op hun oude H-D zijkleppers uit 1942 en 1968 een heel bijzondere tocht van 25.000 (!) kilometer gaan maken; op de motor naar Indonesië om geld in te zamelen voor een nieuw te bouwen Kindertehuis in Tondano. De rit zal zo’n vier a vijf maanden duren en voert hen door landen als Rusland, Mongolië en China. Over het project genaamd ‘Kinderen van Amurang’ en over de avontuurlijke reis van Dirk & Jane kan je alles lezen op , en vergeet alsjeblieft niet om een passende donatie te doen om dit fantastische project te ondersteunen! De gestaag vallende regen liep samen met wat traantjes van ontroering over de wangen toen de twee zijkleppers Leeuwarden uitreden. Een mooi afscheid van een fantastische  H.O.G. Benelux Rally en het begin van een reis waarvoor we Dirk & Jane het allerbeste wensen!  

Dirk & Jane nemen afscheid; wij wensen jullie een heel goede reis en een behouden thuiskomst, succes!
Would you buy a used bike from this man..?!?

Ondanks de vele regen reed iedereen mee


Met hartelijke dank aan:
H.O.G. Lakes Chapter
Harley-Davidson dealer H-D Point Leeuwarden

Over 350 H.O.G. Benelux Rally 2011 photographs are on our website:  (Photo Gallery 2011 - Events - HOG Rally Fryslan)
Reportages in de volgende nummers van HOG Tales en Bigtwin Magazine!

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